Atticusfallen: Songs From The Cell

Work in progress and works unearthed. Welcome.


Begun in 1990 in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, Atticus and Atticusfallen have had numerous collaborators on many projects throughout the years. All recordings were made in home studios in Dillsburg, Philadelphia, New York City and Harrisburg, celebrating a freeform creative style that incorporates fast improvisations with minimal embellishments. We also love self-deprecating songs that are silly, sad or strange. Atticusfallen, known at an early time as Atticus, rarely performed in public and is more of an experimental recording troupe than a band. Musicians who have contributed to the project are Tim Prough, Rodney Galloway, Jon Frazier, Fabrizzio Ruta, Jennifer Prough, Joseph McCoy, Norman Rosenbaum and Jeffrey Biglan – all sitting in a corner, pouring out their heart.

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